Overview of Our Company

A professionally managed company, A.K Engineering Company is engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of industrial fasteners. We did it in twenty years, step by step, through innovative strategic choices, the acquisition of skilled professionalism, and attention to customer problems. "KITO" brand is synonymous with Quality Fasteners.

Our company, a leading Fasteners Exporter of Ludhiana, Punjab, established in 1988 is ISO -9001 certified and a Government of India recognized Star Export House We give customers the best quality and low cost as per there demand.

Our full range of fasteners include Bolts, Screws, Nuts, Washers, Threaded rods , Rivets, Nails , , Anchors etc. both in metric and imperial thread forms and supplies products in Stainless steel, High Tensile & Mild Steel as per DIN / BS/ JIS/ ANSI/ AISI/ ASTM specifications.

Our Vision

To be ONE SOURCE for International market, as the exporter that provided qualitative products at most competitive prices thus assuring customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

I.L.K Impex Limited is committed to providing its customers products with a very competitive relation between price/quality, guaranteeing high levels of customer service, by means of a group of trained and motivated employees who assure the satisfaction of our clients. To make you count on us.

Our Values

1) Customer Satisfaction Leading To Reliability

2) Quality Assurance.

3) Timely and Fast Delivery.

4) Competitive Prices.

5) Continuous Improvement.

Application Areas

1) Building and Construction sector

2) Marine sector

3) Railways sector

4) Infrastructural

5) Refineries

6) Steel Industries

Our Team

Our dedicated and professional Team of Experts is doing an exceptional job in handling the Customer relations. They understand what we do and quickly find ways to spread our message. "They make us look good"

Our team has elevated us from nothing to having a strong presence in the international market. Our teams of Sales persons attend to the requirements of our customers every day in order to fulfill them 100 %.We continue our policy of investing in people. The future of the company depends upon their abilities and co-operation.